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Series 30

Natural fiber reinforced PLA

Circular economy is synonymous with this series – a fully developed solution for the environment. Cellulosic fiber reinforced PLA combines the benefits of better strength with a lower carbon footprint from agricultural waste fillers. They are high quality and highly sustainable biocompounds.


less CO2 emissions


more resistant
than conventional PLA


for heat deformation
temperature and fast crystallization

Get to know the products in the series:

The products in this series have more visually sustainable aspects and were designed in the circular economy context. They are presented in rigid forms, such as pots, lids, and cutlery.

FC 32130

Compound developed for injection molding.
Certification: USDA Certified Biobased

FC 32230

Compound developed for injection molding.
Certifications: TÜV AUSTRIA OK biobased and TÜV AUSTRIA OK compost INDUSTRIAL

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