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We are transforming the future with a commitment to inspire industries about the real value of sustainability. We are a green tech company that studies, investigates, discovers and develops renewable, biodegradable, and compostable solutions to recreate the present and future of plastic, along with brands, transforming agents, and retailers. We believe the future is fertile. Renewable. Never disposable. We are here to launch a new era that not only sustains a future but also reestablish all its possibilities. Whether on land, sea, or air. And inside us.

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ERT Biocompounds
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ERT Biocompounds

Discover the uses for the new generation of bioplastics, improving their performance.

Flexible Bioplastics

They are multifunctional and can be used in different niches of the flexible packaging market. They are effective replacements for conventional plastics in all their different uses, such as sacks, bags, packaging, paper coating, and many others.

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Discover the uses for the new generation of bioplastics, improving their performance.

Rigid Bioplastics

Ideal for injected packaging in general in the cosmetic, food, and vitamin segments, in addition to disposable cutlery, thermoformed products, and many other uses.

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Bioplastics for 3D Printer Filaments

The growth of 3D printing brought the need for increasingly sustainable materials, and ERT has developed a solution that is easy to print and modify, giving dimensional stability to the parts with all the sustainable characteristics of PLA.

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Comparative Area

and Sustainability

Conventional plastic
a life cycle
of 500 years.
With our solutions, this
polymer returns
to organic
matter in up to 180 days.

of plastics go to
landfills and/or dumps


for a conventional
plastic to degrade


for our biopolymer to
revert to organic matter